FAQ - What expenses or taxes should I consider when buying a home?

a) Tax payment: In general, the first installment in a public document by the promoter of a new home is subject to VAT (reduced rate of 8% on the purchase price) and the Tax Acts Duty (at the rate established in each Region which is often between 0.5 and 1%, 1% in Madrid). Nevertheless, in certain cases and personal situations of the taxpayer, are already set some rebates and exemptions. The reduced rate of VAT at 8% will apply equally to the purchase of up to two parking spaces per dwelling and annexes located there, acquired, will tax at the standard rate of 18%. Being a second delivery (previously used homes) the transaction would be subject to Onerous Transfer Tax (the tax rate established in each Region, in Madrid, 7%). In any case, the transmission would be subject also for the seller to the Tax Increase in Value of urban Land (Municipal Gains)

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