About us

"Respect for the environment, achitectural sensitivity , economic successand are equally important for Promociones Habitat"

Promociones Habitat has developed, since its foundation in 1953, major real estate projects, mostly residential. It has delivered over 60,000 homes, which are characterized by innovation, comfort and high quality of its finishes. Promociones Habitat has evolved over the years and its management structure is evolving to respond to the changing socio-economic environment and to adapt their offering to the various markets it operates. In recent years, the environmental challenge is encouraging energy saving ideas for new projects of Habitat. It currently has offices in Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia, Aragon, Portugal and Hungary. And in the context of international business, has developed significant urban projects in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

Promociones Habitat defends the idea of create, enter into a process of transformation of ideas, be flexible, adapt to and anticipate socio-cultural changes, offering answers and solutions to new needs. With such active engagement, the clear commitment to a modern design with functional sense and respect for the environment, Promociones Habitat is able to convert a building into a new concept of space. Commitment to the environment includes not only the choice of suitable materials and construction processes, but also refers to the urban environment and development thereof, based on the proper management and reuse of natural resources and energy saving. Our projects take into account the entire lifecycle: from architectural design of the building and obtaining raw materials until they return to the environment as waste. The main goal of Promociones Habitat is Customer Satisfaction. Without it, all its history and its trajectory would mean nothing. Under this premise, for Promociones Habitat are equally important to economic success, the architectural sensitivity and respect for the environment.

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